S.B. Shmira Ubitahon Guarding Group

S.B. Shmira Ubitahon Guarding Group is one of Israel’s leading security services and logistics companies. With 3,000 employees, S.B. has a reputation for proven performance of the most complex security projects. The company operates nationwide and can provide a response in every location 24/7. S.B. also undertakes overseas security projects and provides solutions according to specific customer’s needs.
Main Activities and Projects
Shmira Ubitahon Guarding Group implements projects for government and institutional clients throughout Israel including: 
Israel Airports Authority: Air and airport security checks.
IAA Border Crossings: Protects and manages Israel’s land border crossings.
Ministry of Defense:
Protects the IDF headquarters, and Ministry of Defense installations including escorting senior Ministry and security figures. S.B. protects secret installations.
Prime Minister’s Protection: Provides overall logistical support.
Israel Aerospace Industries: Including the space project.
Hospitals: Protects 10 hospitals around the country.
Local Authorities: Protects the Jerusalem, Haifa and Hof Hacarmel local authorities.
Government Ministries: Protects the Ministry of Infrastructures, Defense, Agriculture, Science, Sport, Housing, Environmental Protection, and Internal Security.
Public & Private Companies: Protects Bezeq, Mekorot, Tnuva, Tempo, Tel Aviv University and Blue Square. 
International Activities
To develop its European activities, the company has set up a German company, SB Europe GmbH after signing a cooperation agreement with a German security firm. The co-CEOs of the new company are Shahar Levy and Brig. Gen. (Res.) Menachem Bachrach, a senior security consultant and VP of the public management of the Security Industries Unit with 36 years experience in the field. The aim is to secure Europe’s major airports, ports, power stations and special installations as build security plans for new installations, manage logistical processes and prevent losses, reduce potential break-ins by using skilled manpower and advanced technologies.
Skilled Workforce & Experienced Management
The company believes that the security guards and employees are the base of the service pyramid, and devotes substantial efforts to ensure their quality, professionalism, skill, and that they are equipped to the best standard. Recruits pass the strictest selection procedures. The company has employees in 26 different security professions and they undergo appropriate training including for security selectors and observers, loss prevention officers, body guard and government request security officers. Employees undergo regular refresher courses to retain their skills, and fitness for action. The company’s belief is that its management team should be lean and skilled, and apply the know-how and experience that the company has gained over the decades together with innovation and efficiency to provide customers with tailor-made solutions. The company invests great resources in developing managers and implements ongoing training of staff to manage branches and units.
Technology and Logistics
The company strives to be in the forefront of quality security services by exploiting the best technology and equipment. The range of means serving the company include: supervision and management of equipped vehicles; national communications system; a wide spectrum of first-class arms, including pistols, semi-automatic guns and rifles (1,500 pieces); electronic control systems with patrol and emergency buttons; CCTV and tracking cameras and other items according to specific customer requirements. The company’s patrol and command network has ISO 9002 international certification.
Divisions and Associated Companies
Security Division – The largest division provides security officers, guards, security selectors, and security support staff according to customer requirements. Swift deployment capabilities, immediate response, available means and a national communications network enable inspectors command and control at all times, while providing a rapid, meaningful response to incidents during implementation and changes in customer’s requirements.
Control Room – Activities are carried out through Mokdanit Shmira Ubitahon, an associated company of S.B. The company operates a national control room including wireless communications, patrol cars and regional inspectors, which provide an immediate, professional and dedicated response for every event. The Control Room applies a range of technologies for detecting and identifying events, including cameras, alarm systems, smoke detectors and more and provides electronic security services to many institutions and companies including hospitals and retail chains. The company also sets up operations and municipal control rooms.
Benefit – The Division reduces shrinkage and loss prevention. This field is gaining strength in Israel and worldwide and represents a progressive approach to lowering the costs of losses as a way of improving business results. Benefit brings a professional approach and overall solutions to this sector, providing the customer with security and improvement of business results through uniformed and non-uniformed security officers and a comprehensive tracking system.
Cleaning – The Division provides full cleaning and logistics solutions to banks, insurance companies, HMO, and other large companies through S.B.C.A., a related company.
Activities for the Community
The company donates, on a regular basis, to charities and organizations supporting the needy and handicapped and initiates voluntary activities in hospitals and with the disadvantaged.